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CMBS series

Key advantages

  • Ready to use and easy to setup.
  • Ideal to create coaxial illumination solutions.
  • 50% transmission and 50% reflection.
  • Easy and secure clamping system.
  • Compatible with telecentric lenses and illuminators.
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Last update 02 Aug 2023

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  1. Value to be subtracted from the objective or illumiantor working distance when the CMBS is used
  2. To be ordered separately.

Ordering information

Additional clamping mechanics are required to adequately support combination of CMBS with telecentric lenses and illuminators. CMHO series clamping mechanics can be used prior to verification of mechanical compatibility (see CMHO series mechanical drawings available online). CMHO is not compatible with the combination of the following two products: CMMR and TC13xxx.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
CMBS instructions