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COE-G series
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Sensor format
1/2.9 - 1.1 ″
0.4 - 20.4 MP

Key advantages

  • High-quality sensors
    New SONY Pregius CMOS Global shutter sensors provide high-quality images.
  • GigEVision® protocol & GenICam® standard
    Standard vision SDK platform for easy integration in existing software.
  • Full GenICam® compliant: easy to integrate
    GenICam® compliant SDK package provides more flexibility to Vision Systems.
  • GigE PoE compliance
    With the COE-G cameras, you do not need separate cables to transfer the information to the computer and provide power to the camera.
  • 120 MB RAM and Frame Rate up to 300fps
    High frame rate ideal for high-speed applications. The internal memory up to 120MB guarantees zero image loss and enables useful features like Record / Playback and sequence recordings.
  • Sensor Sizes from ¼” to 1.1” to fit all application requirements
    Find the exact sensor for your needs.
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Last update 02 Aug 2023

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  1. Color-model's fps are calculated using RGB8 pixel format
  2. Measured at 12VDC

Ordering information

Further models are available upon request: contact us to discuss your specific needs.
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Technical documents

COE-G GigE User Manual


Opto Engineering Camera Studio v1.2.0 (build 220408)
Opto Engineering Camera Studio v1.1.0 (build 210422)


Firmware COE-004-C-POE-030-IR-C v3.4.54 (build 211202)
Firmware COE-004-C-POE-030-IR-C v3.4.54 (build 211129)
Firmware COE-013-M-POE-040-IR-C v3.4.42 (build 220620)
Firmware COE-013-C-POE-040-IR-C v3.4.42 (build 220620)
Firmware COE-016-M-POE-022-IR-C v4.0.4 (build 220304)
Firmware COE-016-C-POE-022-IR-C v4.0.4 (build 220304)
Firmware COE-023-M-POE-070-IR-C v4.0.16 (build 221122)
Firmware COE-023-C-POE-070-IR-C v4.0.16 (build 221122)
Firmware COE-032-M-POE-050-IR-C v4.0.18 (build 221230)
Firmware COE-032-C-POE-050-IR-C v4.0.18 (build 221230)
Firmware COE-050-M-POE-060-IR-C v3.4.54 (build 211228)
Firmware COE-050-C-POE-060-IR-C v3.4.54 (build 211228)
Firmware COE-089-M-POE-070-IR-C v2.8.6 (build 190123)
Firmware COE-089-C-POE-070-IR-C v3.1.1 (build 200717)
Firmware COE-122-M-POE-050-IR-C v4.0.5 (build 220506)
Firmware COE-122-C-POE-050-IR-C v4.0.4 (build 220126)
Firmware COE-123-M-POE-080-IR-C v3.1.1 (build 200717)
Firmware COE-123-C-POE-080-IR-C v3.1.1 (build 200717)
Firmware COE-200-M-POE-080-IR-C v3.4.56 (build 220825)
Firmware COE-200-C-POE-080-IR-C v3.4.55 (build 220310)