Opto Engineering® - 20 years

Das Support-Netzwerk

Wir bedienen unsere Kunden weltweit über unsere Tochtergesellschaften in Europa, Nordamerika und China und stellen eine zeitnahe Belieferung aus einem Fertigbestand sicher.

Unsere Techniker und Ingenieure stehen in ständigem Kontakt mit unseren Kunden, um technische Beratung und Verkaufsunterstützung in der jeweiligen Landessprache zu leisten und Sie dabei zu unterstützen, das Beste aus unseren Produkten herauszuholen. Daneben trägt auch ein Netzwerk von wertvollen Partnern und autorisierten Händlern dazu bei, unsere Verbindungen mit den lokalen Industrien weiter zu verbessern.

Unser Ziel: ein immer besseres Erlebnis für unsere Kunden, egal wo sie sind und was sie brauchen.

Tech support

The support network

We serve our customers globally through our subsidiaries in Europe, North America and China, ensuring timely deliveries from a ready stock.

Our technicians and engineers are constantly in touch with our customers to provide technical advice and sales support in the local language, providing guidance on how to make the most out of our products. Also, a network of valuable partners and authorized dealers contributes to further improve our connections with the local industries.

Our goal: a continuously better experience to our customers, wherever they are, whatever they need.

Product literature

We consider technical documentation a key aspect in our product development process and go-to-market philosophy.

All the key information about our products is well thought-out, logically organized and simple to understand, enhanced by several interactive and educational tools.

However, everything starts with providing extremely clear and tidy product specifications: it takes a lot of effort to turn complex information into simple - but not simplistic - documentation and we are happy to see that this makes life easier for our customers.

Solve it optically!

Besides offering a unique selection of truly innovative lenses, Opto Engineering® can fully assist you to do feasibility studies and lay out the most efficient optical setup with the SOLVE IT OPTICALLY! program.

We at Opto Engineering® can give extensive support in optics and in how they combine with different cameras, lights and other parts of a vision system.

We enjoy to help customers by thinking up unusual optical solutions and by sharing tips and tricks about unconventional optical approaches that come from our expertise in optics.