Opto Engineering® - 20 years

In vision systems, software plays a key role in correcting, processing and analyzing the images captured by the camera to ensure that the output of the machine vision system meets the inspection requirements.

Vision software can be divided into:

  • Graphical environments for quick development of machine vision applications
  • Libraries, i.e., a set of algorithms for machine vision

In combination with hardware components, the choice of the most appropriate software is crucial to the success of a vision system and depends on several factors:

  • image processing functionalities needed to solve the vision application
  • user experience
  • compatibility with external devices, such as PLCs and robotic arms
  • support for asynchronous acquisitions from multi-camera/line scan cameras
  • supported communication protocols
  • supported operating systems
  • multi-core CPU support
  • GPU acceleration
  • vision system flexibility

Opto Engineering® offers all the fundamental components you need for any vision system, and software is the final piece of the puzzle that allows all parts of the system to work together, cohesively, reliably and efficiently. Opto Engineering also suggests purchasing bundles of compatible hardware and software products, simplifying their integration within a vision system.