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ITALA® cameras for high-speed imaging

ITALA® cameras for high-speed imaging

The dual exposure mode is the option that allows you to increase the acquisition speed the most in a vision system. In fact, this function allows two images to be captured in rapid succession by exceeding the maximum rated speed of the sensor.

This is possible because the second acquisition starts already during the readout phase of the first one, without waiting for its conclusion as is normally the case.

ITALA® cameras incorporate the dual exposure feature that makes them suitable for applications where there is the need to capture two images in rapid succession, for example:

ITALA G cameras for high-speed check of injector nozzles

ITALA G cameras for high-speed check of injector nozzles

Injector nozzles are widely used in the automotive industry and are subject to different types of inspection, as they undergo both measurement and surface checks.

In addition, data matrix reading is often performed for traceability purposes. For these reasons, a double type of inspection with a different set of hardware is usually required: a backlight configuration for measurement and a front-light configuration for surface inspection and data matrix reading.

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October 05, 2023