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ITALA G.EL for all-round inspection of vial caps
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In the pharmaceutical industry, a full inspection of vial caps is always necessary to perform OCR or data matrix reading for traceability purposes. When large samples or different sizes are involved, multi-camera systems are the preferred solution, but they are complex and bulky.

Opto Engineering offers an innovative solution to overcome these limitations and get the best out of your vision system.

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The EL5MP series features fixed focal length lenses with liquid lens technology that combine excellent optical performance with flexible deployment. This combines with ITALA G.EL cameras with integrated liquid lens control for an almost plug-and-play solution that greatly simplifies the vision system.

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ITALA G.EL Application case vial caps
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Vial caps are among the most common subjects of visual inspection in the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, they need to be inspected at 360° due to uncertainty in the location of features of interest or defects.

The Case

A typical inspection to be performed is OCR or data matrix reading of codes on caps, especially for traceability purposes. It is therefore critical that the system offer adequate resolution while still providing the high throughput volumes required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Opto Engineering®?

With its cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, Opto Engineering® has always proven to be
the partner of choice for any machine vision task, particularly when it comes to overcoming existing limitations and/or meeting specific requirements.

This is the case, for example, with the solution proposed above, in which vial caps are inspected in a multi-camera system.